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Experience, skills, expertise: knowledge exchange sessions at Godel DevOps

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Experience, skills, expertise: knowledge exchange sessions at Godel DevOps

On October 29 DevOps division had another great knowledge exchange session that was held online in Teams. There were two brilliant presentations about recent achievements from our colleagues in the division. Head of DevOps Sergey Sverchkov made a summary to share their expertise with the Godel Team.

The first presentation by DevOps Engineer Aliaksandr Padrabinkin concerned «Terraform Certificate Exam. Expectation and Reality». Aliaksandr has recently passed Hashicorp Terraform Associate certification. Terraform is the major tool used by every DevOps engineer to automate modern cloud platform deployment in and describe it as a code. So, the certification can prove that an engineer has all required theoretical and practical knowledge to work effectively in complex Godel projects. The exam was taken online under strict control from the examiner. Alex shared details about the exam topics, sample and real questions, organizational requirements (a desk and work area must be clear, you’re alone in the room, one monitor, no headphone, your face is always visible, no phones and any side noise). Moreover, he gave important recommendations: to check internet connection, to be ready to spend additional time for organizational activities before the exam, to prepare a bottle of water, and have a good camera with autofocus and USB cable. 

Alex spent about a week to prepare for the exam, going through official documents, training materials and sample tests. Before passing the exam he had been working on the project for a year. He shared his personal motivation and reasons for preparation and passing the exam: it was important for him go through the personal challenge, increase technical competency, systemize his knowledge, train learning skills, make an investment in professional (and future financial) growth, and receive the certificate, which can be added to his profile, printed and hung on the wall. Aliaksandr, we’re proud of your achievement, your results motivate all of us to go through the certification journey as well!

Аnother presentation was made by DevOps Engineer Siarhei Zverau. He told a challenging technical story from his project. He spoke on how to automate the creation of new AWS accounts and On the whole, enable this process in automation pipeline. AWS account is at the heart of cloud platform setup, all clients’ business modules and applications developed by the teams are deployed there. It was clear that automation was a complicated thing which should take into consideration the number of technical inputs. There were key requirements: one entry point for managing several AWS accounts, universal code. and the possibility to create main services: VPC, SSM, CloudTrail, KMS, IAM. There was also a number of security hardening scenarios which should have been applied when an AWS account and base services are created. Sergey was able to implement this complex process using current technology stack: Terraform, Bash, AWS cli, GoCD from scratch, without using publicly available code snippets, since none of them suited for the specifics of the project. Implementation was delivered to the infrastructure platform team in expected time (about two months). It enabled new tech standards in this complex process for Godel client. Well done, Sergey! 

Нужно +83 подписчика в июне.

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