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Godel Technologies Achieves Another Year of Continued Growth

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Godel Technologies Achieves Another Year of Continued Growth

Nearshore software engineering partner Godel Technologies has reported a 30% year-on-year increase in turnover, with its latest revenues climbing to £46 million. This marks another year of impressive growth for the business, during a period which has been unpredictable to say the least. Godel, which holds its headquarters in Manchester and its software delivery centres across Eastern Europe, is in an exciting stage of growth due to rising demand for its agile software engineering model.

During the last year businesses across the UK have partnered with Godel to add velocity to their software delivery plans. Clients across each sector have faced all manner of challenges but have continued to deliver exciting technology innovations with Godel. The business partnered with a roster of new brands across the UK throughout 2020, including Sunday Times Tech Track 100 winner Plan.com. In addition, long-standing clients of Godel have chosen to scale their existing Godel teams impressively to further accelerate their delivery plans.

Hiring and retaining software engineering skills continues to be a challenge for UK businesses due to the nation’s STEM skills shortage. Clients are choosing to partner with Godel to bridge this gap. Working with Godel’s dedicated software engineering teams ensures their business-critical roadmaps are delivered on time.

«We encountered challenges in 2020 that no business could forecast, but it gave us an opportunity to test our partnerships with our clients at its most critical times. We are proud of how we worked through this time together, Godel supported where possible and I am so proud to have so many clients retained and delivering with us in 2021. Service is everything to us here at Godel and our approach is based on trust and honesty, we will always adhere to this because we know it delivers results. This is the ethos which will see Godel continue to hold its reputation as a respected nearshore partner.» — Neil McMurdo, CEO, Godel Technologies.

Responsible growth has been part of the plan at Godel for many years. Now, the business is expanding across multiple countries in Eastern Europe. This strategy supports Godel’s ability to provide teams to clients at scale, and at a high level of quality. In 2021, the business will continue to hire in Belarus but will also expand hiring in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Bulgaria, always balancing expansion with quality and retention.

«Last year we were delighted to rank third on the Northern Tech Awards „Top 15 Fastest Growing Companies“ list, and to achieve our highest ranking yet in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. Thanks to continued partnership growth with our clients as well as new partnerships forged throughout 2020, we are now working with more clients on more exciting engagements than ever. We are a business that is ready and excited to continue this path in 2021.» — Neil McMurdo, CEO, Godel Technologies.

Technology will play a more essential role in business strategy than ever in 2021. For Godel this means continuing to build high-performing teams for its clients across the UK, so that these businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

Собрали 29, нужно еще 71

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