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Product Ownership Center of Expertise Opened in Godel Technologies

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Product Ownership Center of Expertise Opened in Godel Technologies

For the last several months there has been a quite intense interest around what is going on with Product Ownership within Godel and what our plans are. And finally, we are happy to give an announcement about the official opening of Product Ownership Center of Expertise as a part of BA division!

Center of Expertise is a new concept for Godel which is community-based. As a company, we have people within different divisions who own and develop some expertise in addition to their primary one (i.e. Delivery Management, Product Ownership, UX). At some point we thought it’s logical to bring those people together so they could share their knowledge and experience and drive things further, that means let them act as a community. At the same time, we realize we are not at the stage when we can say we are ready to run this as a separate division, not yet. This is a short history of how the idea of Center of Expertise appeared.

It looked logical to keep PO CE under BA division as the majority of POs are from the BA division, and it’s always BA who want and start playing PO role within the engagement. The main goal of it is to expand PO experience within the company as well as to keep growing of product mindset and ownership within every team.

Any Center of Expertise should be led by some excellent specialist. So meet ADC Yauhenia Prakhina from Godel Brest in her new role of Head of PO CE! Zhenia is a Product Owner within the Karhoo engagement, so she knows the magic of the PO role inside out.

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